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  • Hope Gibbs

Where The Grass Grows Blue Update

This exquisite magnolia bloom caught my eye earlier this week. I've always loved this tree, such a noble and determined one, producing one of nature's loveliest scents, lemony with a trace of vanilla. To capture its magnificence, I got out of my car in the pouring rain just to take a picture of it.

Hope Gibbs magnolia blossom

Later on, after I dried off, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was so enamored with this tree, I went to my laptop to search for its meaning, and I was taken aback by what I found. When a magnolia blooms, it indicates something significant is about to occur in your life. It's been said that timing is everything, and I couldn’t agree more. A few hours after my encounter with the magnolia, I received an email from my publisher that I’ve been nervously waiting on for months. The content edits for my debut novel, Where The Grass Grows Blue, were ready. This is a huge first step, one of many, to see it through to publication.

Yesterday, I had my first call with my editor. Tomorrow, I will watch my two youngest children graduate from high school. On Sunday, it's time to get to work. Though editing a 94,000 word manuscript is a daunting task, leaving me both nervous and elated at the same time, I can’t wait to get started.

Until next time…

Hope Gibbs Tangled Up In Blue


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