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  • Hope Gibbs

Last-minute Holiday Gift Ideas for the Booklover in Your Life

Can you believe that 2022 is almost over? I’m still trying to figure out where it went. I blinked, and it was gone. This year has been quite a journey for me. I watched three children graduate—two from high school and one from college. I’ve lived through a major home renovation that’s kept me covered in dust, and I became an empty nester in August. I’m amazed by how much food I used to buy. My grocery shopping habits have certainly gone through a major adjustment.

But this blog isn’t about me or my year in review. This is to give you some great last-minute holiday gift ideas for the book lover in your life.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a terrible procrastinator when it comes to holiday shopping. I always wait until the week before Christmas to start. So this weekend, I decided to get busy because I needed some book-themed gifts. Lucky for me, I hit the jackpot with these items that can be found on both Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

So, let’s start with the great stocking stuffers I grabbed!

My first big find on my last-minute shopping spree is from Novel Teas. Though I’m not a huge drinker of this particular beverage, on occasion, there’s nothing better than a big mug of it with a twist of lemon. And a whole lot of honey. This gift contains twenty-five tea bags with famous literary quotes attached to them. Like this one: "She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain."

Quick. Can you name which writer came up with this line? Comment below. I love a little trivia.

My second stocking stuffer is for the reader who doesn’t want to damage their beloved books by dog-earing the corners. This little bookmark, "I Just Want to Read My Books and Ignore All of My Adult Problems," was just under three dollars. I stumbled across it at Barnes and Noble. It’s useful and witty.

Hope Gibbs Holiday Gift Ideas

Next are two ideal stocking stuffers for coffee lovers. I don’t know about you, but I cannot function without my beloved morning brew. Or maybe it's my mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Sometimes it's my nighttime send-off. Okay, you get the picture. Coffee keeps me functioning throughout the day. Plus, it keeps my husband alive.

The first mug is from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. It's covered with the best opening lines in literature. "Call me Ishmael." "It was a pleasure to burn." I found this gem on Amazon. Again, comment below if you know the answers.

Hope Gibbs Holiday Gift Ideas

The second is from Barnes & Noble. It features famous female authors and their books, such as Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and my all-time favorite, The Age of Innocence. Your book lover can enjoy their hot beverages while admiring these great works of literature. This mug is also quite lovely!

Hope Gibbs Holiday Gift Ideas

Finally, if you’re looking for a great way to start a conversation with your friends or family, look no further than this acrylic box—’s Book Club addition. It’s full of cards with questions that make discussing your favorite novel easy and fun. Here are some examples. "If this book were made into a movie, who would you cast as the main characters?" Or, "Would you change anything in the story if you were the author?"

Now that our stockings are stuffed, it’s onto the main attraction—the presents under the tree! What are the best gifts to give the bibliophile in your life? Well, books, of course.

This year, in my spare time when I wasn’t editing my first novel, writing my second, mapping out my third, creating a blog, and juggling a home, I read and reviewed almost sixty of them! With that said, I have three that I highly recommend for the season. (Click the links to expand!)

THE MATZAH BALL by Jean Meltzer

WINTER STREET by Elin Hilderbrand


From my home to yours, Happy Holidays, y'all!

Until next time…


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